§48-26-804. Required curricula for public education system.
(a)(1) Subject to the provisions of subdivision (2) of this subsection, the state board of education shall select or develop:

(A) Curricula that are appropriate for various ages for pupils concerning the dynamics of violence, prevention of violence, including domestic violence; and

(B) Curricula for school counselors, health care personnel, administrators and teachers concerning domestic violence.

(2) Funding for selecting or developing the curricula required under subdivision (1) of this section may not exceed the amounts allocated for that purpose by the spending unit from existing appropriations. No provision of this section may be construed to require the Legislature to make any appropriation.

(b) The curricula shall be selected or developed by the state board of education in consultation with public and private agencies that provide programs for conflict resolution, violence prevention, victims of domestic violence and programs of intervention for perpetrators of domestic violence, advocates for victims, organizations representing the interests of shelters, persons who have demonstrated expertise and experience in education and domestic violence and the family protection services board.