§48-26-802. Continuing education for law-enforcement officers concerning domestic violence.
(a)(1) Subject to the provisions of subdivision (2) of this subsection, as a part of the initial law-enforcement officer training required before a person may be employed as a law-enforcement officer pursuant to article twenty-nine, chapter thirty of this code, all law-enforcement officers shall receive training concerning domestic violence.

(2) Funding for the training required under subdivision (1) of this section may not exceed the amounts allocated by the spending unit for that purpose from existing appropriations. No provision of this section may be construed to require the Legislature to make any appropriation.

(b) The course of instruction and the objectives in learning and performance for the education of law-enforcement officers required pursuant to this section shall be developed and presented in consultation with public and private providers of programs for victims of domestic violence and programs of intervention for perpetrators, persons who have demonstrated expertise in training and education concerning domestic violence and organizations representing the interests of shelters.