§48-22-902. Filing of petition for recognition of foreign adoption decree.
(a) At any time after the child has immigrated to the United States, the adoptive parent or parents may commence proceedings with the circuit court in their county of residence to have the foreign adoption decree recognized by filing a petition for recognition of foreign adoption decree. The verified petition shall set forth the following:

(1) The name and address of the petitioner or petitioners;

(2) The name of the child adopted in a foreign country;

(3) The name by which the child shall be known henceforth;

(4) The child's country of origin and date of birth, if known;

(5) That the child has been issued a visa or other document authorizing entry into the United States and the date of entry. A copy of such a document shall be attached to the petition;

(6) That a home study of the petitioner or petitioners was prepared. A copy of the same shall be attached to the petition;

(7) The date on which the adoption was decreed in the foreign country. A copy of the foreign adoption decree or such other document or documents which evidence finalization of the adoption in the foreign country shall be attached to the petition, along with an English translation thereof.

(b) The verified petition may set forth requests for specific relief or findings to meet the best interests of the child which may be granted, in the court's discretion, specifically including, but not limited to, a revised birth date if a physician has recommended a revision of the child's birth date.