§48-18-112. Cooperation with other states in the enforcement of

child support.
(a) The Bureau for Child Support Enforcement shall cooperate with any other state in the following:

(1) In establishing paternity;

(2) In locating an obligor residing temporarily or permanently in this state, against whom any action is being taken for the establishment of paternity or the enforcement of child and spousal support;

(3) In securing compliance by an obligor residing temporarily or permanently in this state, with an order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction against such obligor for the support and maintenance of a child or children or the parent of such child or children; and

(4) In carrying out other functions necessary to a program of child and spousal support enforcement.

(b) The Commissioner shall, establish procedures necessary to extend the Bureau for Child Support Enforcements' system of withholding under article fourteen of this chapter, so that such system may include withholding from income derived within this state in cases where the applicable support orders were issued in other states, in order to assure that child support owed by obligors in this state or any other state will be collected without regard to the residence of the child for whom the support is payable or the residence of such child's custodial parent.