§48-18-101. Establishment of the bureau for child support enforcement; cooperation with the division of human services.
(a) Effective the first day of July, one thousand nine hundred ninety-five, there is hereby established in the department of health and human resources the bureau for child support enforcement. The bureau is under the immediate supervision of the commissioner, who is responsible for the exercise of the duties and powers assigned to the bureau under the provisions of this chapter. The bureau is designated as the single and separate organizational unit within this state to administer the state plan for child and spousal support according to 42 U.S.C. §654(3).

(b) The division of human services shall cooperate with the bureau for child support enforcement. At a minimum, such cooperation shall require that the division of human services:

(1) Notify the bureau for child support enforcement when the division of human services proposes to terminate or provide public assistance payable to any obligee;

(2) Receive support payments made on behalf of a former or current recipient to the extent permitted by Title IV-D, Part D of the Social Security Act; and

(3) Accept the assignment of the right, title or interest in support payments and forward a copy of the assignment to the bureau for child support enforcement.