§48-14-406. Notice to source of income; withholding in compliance with order.
(a) Withholding shall occur and the notice to withhold shall be sent either by first-class mail or by electronic means to the source of income when the support order provides for immediate income withholding pursuant to sections four hundred one and four hundred two of this article or if immediate income withholding is not so provided, when the support payments are in arrears in the amount specified in section four hundred three [§48-14-403] of this article.

(b) The source of income shall withhold so much of the obligor's income as is necessary to comply with the order authorizing such withholding, up to the maximum amount permitted under applicable law for both current support and for any arrearages which are due. Such withholding, unless otherwise terminated under the provisions of this part, shall apply to any subsequent source of income or any subsequent period of time during which income is received by the obligor.

(c) In addition to any amounts payable as support withheld from the obligor's income, the source of income may deduct a fee, not to exceed one dollar, for administrative costs incurred by the source of income for each withholding.