§48-14-102. Who may bring action for child support order.
An action may be brought under the provisions of section one hundred one of this article by:

(1) A custodial parent of a child when the divorce order or other order which granted custody did not make provision for the support of the child by the obligor;

(2) A primary caretaker of a child;

(3) A guardian of the property of a child or the committee for a child; or

(4) The Bureau for Child Support Enforcement, on behalf of the state, when the Department of Health and Human Resources is providing assistance on behalf of the child or the person to whom a duty of support is owed, in the form of temporary assistance to needy families or medical assistance, and any right to support has been assigned to the department or in any other case wherein a party has applied for child support enforcement services from the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement.