§48-12-113. Signature of custodian of child is valid authorization to insurer; insurer's obligations.
(a) The signature of the custodian for the child shall constitute a valid authorization to the insurer for the purposes of processing an insurance payment to the provider of medical care for the child.

(b) No insurer, employer or multiemployer trust in this state may refuse to honor a claim for a covered service when the custodian for the child or the obligated parent submits proof of payment for medical bills for the child.

(c) The insurer shall reimburse the custodian for the child or the obligated parent who submits copies of medical bills for the child with proof of payment.

(d) All insurers in this state shall comply with the provisions of section 33-15-16 and section 33-16-11 of this code and shall provide insurance coverage for the child of a covered employee notwithstanding the amount of support otherwise ordered by the court and regardless of the fact that the child may not be living in the home of the covered employee.