§48-11-204. Criteria for temporary parenting plan.
(a) After considering the proposed temporary parenting plan filed pursuant to section two hundred three of this article and other relevant evidence presented, the court shall make a temporary parenting plan that is in the best interest of the child. In making this determination, the court shall give particular consideration to:

(1) Which parent has taken greater responsibility during the last twelve months for performing caretaking functions relating to the daily needs of the child; and

(2) Which parenting arrangements will cause the least disruption to the child's emotional stability while the action is pending.

(b) The court shall also consider the factors used to determine residential provisions in the permanent parenting plan.

(c) Upon credible evidence of one or more of the circumstances set forth in subsection (a), section two hundred nine of this article, the court shall issue a temporary order limiting or denying access to the child as required by that section, in order to protect the child or the other party, pending adjudication of the underlying facts.

(d) Expedited procedures shall be instituted to facilitate the prompt issuance of a parenting plan.