§47-21-13. Compensation for concession operator; concession operated by charitable or public service organization.
A licensee may allow any person to operate concessions in conjunction with raffle occasions, and to be compensated for such operation, in accordance with the following provisions:

(a) The licensee organization is one which meets or holds functions other than raffle occasions on a regular basis;

(b) The concession to be operated at the raffle occasion is operated regularly at such meetings or functions;

(c) The person which operates the concession at such regular meetings or functions is the same which operates the concession at the raffle occasion; and

(d) The terms of the agreement under which the person operates the concession at the raffle occasion are the same terms under which the concession is operated at the regular meetings or functions: Provided, That a copy of such agreement is filed at the time the application is made and any changes thereto are filed within ten days of being made.

In addition, any charitable or public service organization as defined by section two of this article may operate a concession at any raffle occasions held by a licensee: Provided, That the net proceeds it receives from that concession are used solely for the charitable or public service purposes of that organization.