§47-11B-11. Substitution, addition and commingling of goods voids license; change of time or place of sale; certain purchases prohibited.
(a) Any substitution for or addition to goods described in an inventory filed pursuant to this article or any change in the time or place for a sale conducted pursuant to this article shall be unlawful and shall void any license issued to conduct a sale pursuant to this article and such license shall be revoked.

(b) In the case of a sale licensed under this article conducted by any person licensed under this article in addition to conducting a business or selling other goods, wares or merchandise not included in the inventory accompanying the application, the goods to be sold at such sale shall be clearly and distinctly segregated, marked or identified and advertised, if at all, so that both on display and in advertising such goods may be readily distinguished from other stocks and their identity readily ascertained. Any commingling of such goods with other stocks of such person in such a manner as to cause the goods to lose their separate identity either on display or in advertising shall be unlawful.