§47-11B-7. Revocation of license; grounds.
The commissioner may, on his own initiative, or shall, upon the written and verified complaint of any resident of this state, investigate any person licensed by him under the provisions of this article to determine if such person is violating or has violated this article. The commissioner shall immediately revoke such person's license if, after such investigation, he shall determine that:

(1) Any sale by the applicant is conducted in violation of any provision of this article,

(2) The applicant has made any material misstatement in his application for said license,

(3) The applicant has failed to include in the inventory required by the provisions of this article the goods, wares or merchandise required to be contained in such inventory,

(4) The applicant has added or permitted to be added to said sale or offered or permitted to be offered at said sale any goods, wares or merchandise not described in the original application and inventory, or

(5) The applicant made or permitted to be made any false, misleading or deceptive statements in advertising said sale, whether written or oral, or in displaying, ticketing or pricing goods, wares or merchandise offered for sale.