§47-11B-6. Duration of sale; license fee.
A license to conduct a sale issued pursuant to this article shall be good for no more than a period of thirty consecutive calendar days and may be renewed for one consecutive period not exceeding thirty consecutive calendar days upon the affidavit of the applicant that the goods listed in the inventory have not been disposed of and that no new goods have been or will be added to the inventory previously filed pursuant to this article by purchase, acquisition on consignment, or otherwise. The application for renewal shall be made not more than ten days prior to the time of the expiration of the license and shall contain a new inventory of the goods remaining on hand at the time the application for renewal is made which new inventory shall be prepared and furnished in the same manner and form as the original inventory. The commissioner shall receive from the applicant for such license, upon the granting thereof, a fee of fifty dollars and upon the renewal thereof a fee of one hundred dollars. The applicant shall not be entitled to a refund of the fee paid if said application is refused, denied or revoked.