§47-11A-8. Sales exempt.
The provisions of this article shall not apply to any sale made:

(a) In closing out in good faith the owner's stock or any part thereof for the purpose of discontinuing his trade in any such stock or commodity, and in the case of the sale of seasonal goods or to the bona fide sale of perishable goods to prevent loss to the vendor by spoilage or depreciation;

(b) When the goods are damaged or deteriorated in quality or where merchandise is sold in bona fide clearance sales, and, in each case, merchandise is advertised, marked and sold as such;

(c) By an officer acting under the orders of any court;

(d) In an endeavor in good faith to meet the legal prices of a competitor as herein defined selling the same article, product or item of merchandise, in the same locality or trade area;

(e) For charitable purposes or to relief agencies;

(f) Where merchandise is sold on contract to departments of the government or governmental institutions.