§47-9-49. Registration of foreign limited partnership.
(a) Before transacting business in this state, a foreign limited partnership shall register with the Secretary of State. In order to register, a foreign limited partnership shall submit to the Secretary of State, an application for registration as a foreign limited partnership, signed and sworn to by a general partner and setting forth:

(1) The name of the foreign limited partnership or if its name is unavailable for use in this state, a limited partnership name that satisfies the requirements of section two of this article, including a copy of the resolution of its partners adopting the fictitious name;

(2) The state and date of its formation;

(3) The name and address of an agent for service of process, if any;

(4) The address of the office required to be maintained in the state of its organization by the laws of that state or, if not so required, of the principal office of the foreign limited partnership;

(5) The name and business address of each general partner; and

(6) The address of the office at which is kept a list of the names and addresses of the limited partners and their capital contributions, together with an undertaking by the foreign limited partnership to keep those records until the foreign limited partnership's registration in this state is canceled or withdrawn.

(b) The foreign limited partnership shall deliver with the completed application a certificate of existence, or a document of similar import, duly authenticated by the Secretary of State or other official having custody of the partnership records in the state or country under whose law it is organized.