§47-2A-1. Legislative findings.
The Legislature finds and declares that:

(a) Under the copyright laws of the United States, a copyright owner may enforce the rights thereof against the owners of restaurants, bars, retail establishments, entertainment and sports facilities and similar places of business where members of the public may assemble for the public performance of music and other similar copyrighted works, whether it be in person by a performing artist hired by the proprietor or on radio stations or other electronic media transmitted, received and rebroadcast by the proprietor at those places of business;

(b) The rights and responsibilities regarding copyrighted works are set forth in clause eight, section VIII, article I of the constitution of the United States and governed statutorily by Title 17 of the United States code. The Legislature believes it is important that the state of West Virginia assist its business owners who utilize copyrighted materials and the creative artists of this state and elsewhere by ensuring that the holders of copyrights and those who use such materials are equitably treated.