§47-1A-15. Organization of bedding division; rules and regulations; enforcement of article.
The commissioner of labor shall have the power and duty, to:

(1) Create and organize a division of the department of labor to be known as the "bedding division" for the purpose of administering and enforcing the provisions of this article; (2) appoint, remove and fix the compensation of the employees of the bedding division; (3) prescribe uniform rules pertaining to and not in conflict with the provisions of this article, to carry out the intent and purpose of this article; (4) invoke any legal, equitable or special remedy for the enforcement of orders or the provisions of this chapter; (5) cooperate with other agencies of the state of West Virginia for the purpose of securing laboratory analyses of the filling material used in articles of bedding; (6) exercise any other power necessary for the proper administration of the division of bedding, and the enforcement of the provisions contained in this article.