§39A-2-11. Exceptions.
The provisions of article one of this chapter do not apply to:

(1) Court orders or notices, or official court documents (including briefs, pleadings, and other writings) required to be executed in connection with court proceedings;

(2) Any notice of:

(A) The cancellation or termination of utility services (including water, heat and power);

(B) Default, acceleration, repossession, foreclosure, eviction or the right to cure, under a credit agreement secured by, or a rental agreement for, a primary residence of an individual;

(C) The cancellation or termination of health insurance or benefits or life insurance benefits (excluding annuities); or

(D) Recall of a product, or material failure of a product, that risks endangering health or safety; or

(3) Any document required to accompany any transportation or handling of hazardous materials, pesticides or other toxic or dangerous materials.