§39A-2-7. Retention; accuracy and accessibility.
(a) If a statute, rule, regulation or other rule of law requires that a contract or other record relating to a transaction in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce be retained, that requirement is met by retaining an electronic record of the information in the contract or other record that:

(1) Accurately reflects the information set forth in the contract or other record; and

(2) Remains accessible to all persons who are entitled to access by statute, regulations or rule of law, for the period required by such statute, regulation or rule of law, in a form that is capable of being accurately reproduced for later reference, whether by transmission, printing or otherwise.

(b) A requirement to retain a contract or other record in accordance with subsection (a) of this section does not apply to any information whose sole purpose is to enable the contract or other record to be sent, communicated or received.