§39-3-1. Admission to record of certified copy when original writing lost, mislaid or destroyed.
If any writing be admitted to record in any county of this state or of any other state, and it be proper for such writing to be admitted to record in a county of this state, and the same before having been admitted to record in such county be lost, mislaid or destroyed, on affidavit of such fact, the clerk of the county court of such county wherein such writing is to be recorded may admit to record a copy of such writing from the records of any county of any state wherein it is recorded properly certified by the clerk of such county court or other officer corresponding thereto; and the record of the copy so admitted shall have the same effect as if the original had been admitted to record at the time when the copy was admitted. The clerk of the county court of any county shall also admit to record such copy of a record or paper as is mentioned in section nine, article one of chapter fifty-seven of this code.