§39-1-4. Form of certificate of acknowledgment.

The certificate of acknowledgment mentioned in the preceding section may be in form or effect as follows:

State (territory or district) of _________________, county of _____________________, to wit:

I, ________________________, a commissioner, appointed by the governor of the State of West Virginia, for the said State (or territory or district) of _________; or I, ___________________, a justice of the peace of the county aforesaid; or I, ____________, recorder of said county; or I, _________________, a notary public of said county; or I, _______________________, a prothonotary (or clerk) of the ___________________ court of said county; (or other officer or person authorized to take acknowledgments by section three of this article, as the case may be), do certify that _______________________, whose name (or names) is (or are) signed to the writing above (or hereto annexed) bearing date on the _________ day of _____________, 19 ______, has (or have) this day acknowledged the same before me, in my said ____________________.

Given under my hand this _________ day of __________________, 19 ______.