§38-14-7. Duties; care, custody and control of property.
(a) The owner shall use reasonable care in maintaining the self-service storage facility for the purposes of storage of personal property and may not offer to sell insurance to the occupant to cover the owner's risk or lack of care.

(b) Prior to the sale or destruction of personal property pursuant to this section, the owner shall prepare a detailed inventory of all personal property to be sold or destroyed and shall maintain the inventory listing for a period of two years from the date of the sale or destruction of the property. The occupant shall have access to the inventory listing for the period during which it is maintained by the owner.

(c) Unless the rental agreement specifically provides otherwise, the exclusive care, custody and control of all personal property stored in the leased space remains vested in the occupant.

(d) An occupant may not use a self-service storage facility for residential purposes.

(e) An occupant may not store hazardous waste or contraband in the leased space. An owner who discovers hazardous waste or contraband in a leased space shall promptly notify the appropriate law-enforcement agency and is authorized to deliver the hazardous waste or contraband to the appropriate law-enforcement agency.