§38-14-3. Self-service storage lien.
(a) The owner has a self-service storage lien on all personal property stored within each leased space for agreed rent, labor or other charges and for expenses reasonably incurred in its sale or destruction pursuant to this article. The self-service storage lien attaches as of the date the personal property is stored within each leased space and remains a lien until the occupant has satisfied the terms of the rental agreement.

(b) In the case of any motor vehicle or watercraft which is subject to a lien previously recorded on the certificate of title, the owner has a self-service storage lien on the vehicle or watercraft so long as the motor vehicle or watercraft remains stored within the leased space.

(c) The rental agreement must contain:

(1) A statement, in bold type, advising the occupant of the existence of the self-service storage lien and that the personal property stored within the leased space may be sold to satisfy the self-service storage lien or destroyed if the value of the property would not reasonably discharge the costs of the sale and self-service storage lien;

(2) A space for a secondary address immediately following the space provided for the primary address; and

(3) A statement that the occupant may not store hazardous waste or contraband in the leased space.