§38-13-8. First meeting of creditors; substitute trustee.
The fiduciary commissioner shall preside over the first meeting of the creditors which shall be held not less than ten nor more than twenty days after the date of the first publication of the notice thereof by the trustee. The assignor and the trustee shall attend the meeting, and either or both of them may be publicly examined at the meeting at the instance of any creditor. The creditors shall at the meeting take such steps as may be pertinent and necessary for the promotion of the best interests of the estate, and the meeting may be adjourned from time to time if the creditors see fit. If a majority in number and amount of all the unsecured creditors of the assignor, including those absent as well as those present, desire that the trustee named in the assignment shall not serve, at the first meeting of the creditors such a majority may elect a substitute trustee who shall have all the rights, powers and duties conferred upon the trustee named in the assignment. The substitute trustee shall qualify by taking the oath and giving a proper bond before the clerk, and a copy of the order appointing the substitute trustee shall be recorded in each county in which the assignment is recorded. Creditors may be represented at meetings by their agents, employees, or attorneys, duly authorized in writing.