§38-12-1. When release of lien required; requisites thereof.

(a) Every person entitled to the benefit of any lien on any estate, real or personal, or to the money secured thereby, whether the lien was created by conveyance, judgment, decree, lis pendens, notice of attachment, deed of trust, contract or otherwise, shall be required to furnish and execute an apt and proper written release thereof free of charge to the debtor whose obligation secured by such lien has been fully paid and satisfied, if the lien is of record in the proper county. Such release shall be executed and furnished to the debtor within thirty days after the debt has been satisfied.

(b) Such release of lien shall be executed by the lienholder and acknowledged before the clerk of the county commission in whose office the lien is recorded or before such other person authorized to take acknowledgments of deeds. Such written release shall be deemed sufficient if it describe the lien to be released by any words that will identify and show an intent to discharge the same. Releases may also be made according to the provisions of section two of this article.