§38-11-15. Sale or disposition of perishable or hazardous goods by lienor or pledgee.
If goods which are subject to a lien or pledge under this article are such that they are perishable or threaten to decline in value speedily, or are of a hazardous nature, the lienor or pledgee may give such notice to the owner, or to the person in whose name the goods are stored, as is commercially reasonable under the circumstances, to satisfy the lien or pledge upon such goods and to remove them, and in the event of the failure of such person to satisfy the lien or pledge and to remove the goods within the time specified within the notice, the lienor may sell the goods at public or private sale. If the lienor after a reasonable effort is unable to sell such goods, he may dispose of them in any lawful manner, and shall incur no liability by reason thereof.