§38-11-8. Lien for service of male animals.
The owner of any stallion, jack or bull, that is duly registered under the laws of the state of West Virginia, shall have a lien upon the foal or calf thereof, whenever the service of such stallion, jack or bull was had by contract with the owner, or agent of the owner, of the dam or cow of such foal or calf, at the time of such service. Such lien shall cease unless the person desiring to avail himself thereof shall, within six months from the birth of such foal or calf, file before some magistrate in the county in which such foal or calf may be, his own affidavit, or that of some credible person, stating the amount of his lien against such foal or calf and that such amount is due by contract, also a description of the foal or calf upon which such lien is claimed. Such affidavit shall be filed and preserved by such magistrate, for which service he shall receive any fee provided by law. Upon the filing of such affidavit, such proceedings shall be had for the enforcement of such lien as are provided in section fourteen of this article.