§38-8-12. How appraisement may be set aside; determination of liens.
Whenever an appraisement has been timely demanded by the creditor, his agent or attorney, the circuit court of the county, or judge thereof in vacation, on motion of any person aggrieved made within ten days after delivery of the appraisement list to the officer as specified in section six of this article, may set aside any appraisement made as provided in this article, order a new appraisement to be made and returned, and appoint appraisers for that purpose, and may determine the amount and validity of the liens on the items of personal property and estate set forth on the debtor's list delivered to the officer as specified in section three of this article, and make such order respecting the costs as may be deemed just. Any determination under this section of the amount and validity of liens shall be binding only as between the debtor and the creditor at whose instance the execution or other process has issued.