§38-8-10. Right of exemption of surviving spouse or minor children.
After the death of a husband, wife or parent residing in this state, his surviving spouse or minor children, or such of them as there may be, may select personal estate of the deceased, not exceeding one thousand dollars in value, and hold the same exempt from any debts or liabilities of the deceased spouse or parent, contracted or incurred by the deceased in his lifetime, but the personal representative or any creditor of the deceased may have the personal estate so selected appraised as prescribed in the preceding sections of this article, and with like effect; and no greater amount than one thousand dollars of the personal estate of the deceased shall be exempt by virtue of this provision; and if during his lifetime, he had himself set apart personal estate to be exempt from execution and other process, the same shall be subject thereto after his death, so far as it is not selected as aforesaid by his surviving spouse and minor children, or such of them as there may be.