§38-7-37. Sale of attached land; conveyance.
When a sale of real estate is ordered under the provisions of the preceding section, the court shall prescribe in the order the terms of such sale and the officer or person by whom it shall be made. The officer or person making such sale of real estate shall report, to the court which ordered the sale, the real estate so sold by him, with the name of the purchaser, the sum for which it sold, and the time and place of such sale. The court, for good cause, may refuse to confirm the sale, and order the property to be resold, but if good cause for setting the sale aside be not shown, the court shall confirm the same, and shall direct a deed of conveyance of the real estate so sold to be made to the purchaser thereof, by the officer or person who sold the same, or by a special commissioner, appointed for that purpose, whenever the purchase money thereof, with its interest, shall have been fully paid.