§38-7-11. Exceptions to plaintiff's bond.
Any defendant in the case, or any person interested in the property so attached, who shall consider the bond so given not proper in form, or the penalty or security insufficient, may apply at once, by petition to the court from which the attachment issued, if in session, and if not, to the judge thereof, in vacation, and shall be permitted to except to such bond, on any or all grounds aforesaid, and if any of such exceptions be sustained, the attached property shall be returned to the person from whom it was taken by the officer and the attachment shall be quashed unless the plaintiff shall within such time as the court shall prescribe, give a proper bond, in a sufficient penalty and with surety sufficient, all to be approved by the court or judge hearing the exceptions. If such new bond be not given, the principal and surety in such original bond, who signed the same, shall be liable to any person who shall suffer any damage by reason of the suing out and levy of such attachment, to the extent of the penalty thereof.