§38-6-2. Effect of giving, or of refusal to give, bond; return of bond to clerk's office.
If such bond be not given within a reasonable time after such notice, the officer may refuse to levy on such property, or may, if he has already levied, restore it to the person from whose possession it was taken, as the case may be. If, where there has been no levy, the bond be given within a reasonable time, or, after a levy, the bond be given before the property is restored, it shall be returned within twenty days to the clerk's office of the circuit court of the county in which such property may be, and the claimant or purchaser of such property shall, after such bond is so returned, be barred of any action against the officer levying thereon, provided the security therein be good at the time of taking it. After such bond has been given as herein provided, the officer shall proceed to levy, if he has not already done so, or, if the levy has been released, he shall proceed to levy again.