§38-5B-1. Definitions.
For purposes of this article:

1. The term "suggestee execution" shall mean an execution differing from an ordinary execution upon a judgment only in that it is directed against money due or to become due to the judgment debtor from the suggestee as therein set out.

2. The term "state agency" shall mean any department, institution, board, commission, bureau, or other agency of the state government, including a public corporation created to effect a state public improvement.

3. The term "political subdivision" shall mean any county, county board of education, municipal corporation, or any other public corporation or governmental unit organized to perform one or more of the functions of local government or to effect a local public improvement.

4. The term "proper officer" shall mean the officer of the state, a state agency, or a political subdivision, as the case may be, upon whom to make service of suggestee executions under this article.

5. The term "judgment creditor" shall include the owner of a money decree.