§38-5-14. Discharge of person suggested by payment of money or delivery of property; officer's receipt.

A person suggested may, at any time before the return day of the summons mentioned in section ten of this article, deliver the property or pay the money for which the person is liable at the time of service of the summons, or a sufficiency thereof to satisfy the execution, and shall thereby be discharged from any further liability under the execution, and, as to the property so delivered and/or money so paid, the person shall be discharged from all liability whatsoever to the judgment debtor: Provided, That if the obligation upon which the person is indebted to the judgment debtor is evidenced by a negotiable instrument, the obligation shall not, as to a holder in due course, be discharged by the payment: Provided, however, That the right of a holder in due course, of a negotiable warehouse receipt, bill of lading, or other negotiable instrument for any property so delivered, shall not be impaired by the delivery. If any payment or delivery is made to the officer under the provisions of this section, the officer shall give a receipt for, and make a return of, what is so paid and delivered.