§38-4-11. Docketing of execution.
The clerk of the county court of every county shall keep in his office, in a well-bound book, an execution docket, in which he shall docket without delay, any execution in this state, when he shall be required so to do by any person interested, on such person delivering to him an authenticated abstract of it, for which he shall be entitled to the same fee as for docketing a judgment. In such abstract and docket there shall be stated in separate columns: (a) The full name of the plaintiff or plaintiffs, and of the defendant or defendants, and if the defendants are sued as partners, the name of the partnership; (b) the amount of the execution; (c) the date of the execution; (d) the day and hour when received by the sheriff or other officer; (e) when returnable; (f) the date of docketing.