§38-2-20. Preliminary notice to owner; effect.
Any laborer or other person employed to do any work or furnish any materials or machinery for the erection, construction, alteration, repair or removal of any building or other structure, or any improvement appurtenant thereto, by another who may have contracted with the owner therefor may, before doing any work or furnishing any material or machinery, give the owner of such building or other structure or improvement thereto notice in writing that if he is not paid therefor by the person employing him, he will look to the owner for payment; and it shall not be necessary for the person who has given such notice in writing to file the account and notice with the owner within sixty days of the date of the doing of the last work or of the furnishing of the last of such materials or machinery, unless he is required by the owner in writing within such sixty days to do so, and his neglect or failure to file such notice and account within sixty days, unless so required to do so, shall in no way affect or impair his lien if it be otherwise perfected and preserved, as provided in this article.