§38-1A-8. How service of process or notice made.
Service of process or notice shall be made by mailing or delivering to the office of the secretary of state three copies of the process or notice, with a notation on the process or notice of the residence address of the trustee upon whom service is being had, as stated in the security trust; if the address of the trustee is not stated in the security trust, the notation shall state the address of the beneficiary of the trust as given in the security trust; and service of the process or notice is complete upon the receipt in the office of the secretary of state of the notice or process bearing the notation and accompanied by the fee required by section two, article one, chapter fifty-nine of this code, which shall be taxed as costs in the suit, action or proceeding. The secretary of state shall keep one copy of all process and notices, with a record of the day and hour of service of the process or notice.