§37-15-6a. Termination of tenancy of more than twenty-five tenants.

(a) A landlord of a factory-built home rental community may not terminate a rental agreement nor otherwise evict more than twenty-five tenants of any factory-built home rental community within a single eighteen-month period unless:

(1) The landlord obtains written agreement to voluntarily vacate the premises by every tenant prior to the expiration of the eighteen-month period;

(2) The landlord provides not less than six months' notice to terminate the rental agreement to each tenant; or

(3) The tenant has breached a provision of the rental agreement and the termination complies with the requirements of this article.

(b) If a landlord violates the provisions of this section, the tenant has a cause of action to recover actual damages, the costs required to relocate the aggrieved tenant and, in addition, a right to recover treble damages or the equivalent of the aggrieved tenant's rent for one year, whichever is greater, and reasonable attorney fees.