§37-6-22. Injunction against ejectment or unlawful detainer.
If the tenant of such lands, or any person having a right or claim thereto, shall, within the time aforesaid, file his bill for relief in the circuit court of the county wherein the lands are situated, he shall not have or continue any injunction against the proceedings at law on the ejectment or unlawful detainer, unless he shall, within thirty days next after a full and perfect answer filed by the plaintiff in ejectment, or unlawful detainer, bring into court or deposit in some bank within the state, to the credit of the cause, such money as the plaintiff in ejectment or unlawful detainer shall, in his answer, swear to be due and in arrear over and above all just allowances, and also the costs taxed in the suit, there to remain till the hearing of the cause, or to be paid out to such plaintiff on good security, subject to the decree of the court.