§37-1-16. Confirmation; conveyance.
Whenever a sale, lease, mortgage or trust deed is ordered as herein provided, the court shall order the proceedings under such sale, lease, mortgage or trust deed, to be reported for confirmation; and, in case of sale, may direct a conveyance with covenant of special warranty to be made by the guardian, the committee or a commissioner. And every such conveyance shall be as effectual in law as if the same were made by the minor when of lawful age, or by the insane if compos mentis, or by the convict if competent; and, in case of a lease, the court shall direct the same to be made by the guardian or committee applying for the same, and to be reported to the court for confirmation. And, in case of a mortgage or trust deed, the guardian or committee, as the case may be, shall report to the court in full particulars concerning the making of such mortgage or trust deed and the moneys received under the same.