§36A-3-3. Contents of code of regulations.
The code of regulations shall provide for at least the following and may include other lawful provisions:

(a) Identification of the property by reference to the place of record of the declaration and the declaration plan;

(b) The method of calling meetings of unit owners and meetings of the council;

(c) The number of unit owners and the number of members of council which shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business;

(d) The number and qualification of members of council, the duration of the term of such members and the method of filling vacancies;

(e) The annual election by the council of a president, secretary and treasurer and any other officers which the code of regulations may specify;

(f) The duties of each officer, the compensation and removal of officers and the method of filling vacancies;

(g) Maintenance, repair and replacement of the common elements and payment of the cost thereof;

(h) The manner of collecting common expenses from unit owners; and

(i) The method of adopting and of amending rules governing the details of the use and operation of the property and the use of the common elements.