§36-9-13. Discharge of managing entity.
(a) If a fee simple interest in real property is being sold to purchasers of a time-sharing plan, the contract retaining a managing entity shall be automatically renewable every three years, beginning with the third year after the managing entity is first created or provided for the time- sharing plan, unless the purchasers vote to discharge the managing entity. Such a vote shall be conducted by the board of the owners' association. The managing entity shall be discharged if at least sixty-six percent of the purchasers voting, which shall be at least fifty percent of all votes allocated to purchasers, vote to discharge the managing entity.

(b) In the event the managing entity is discharged, the board of the owners' association shall be responsible for obtaining another managing entity.

(c) The managing entity of a condominium time-sharing plan may be discharged in the same manner.