§36-9-11. Recordkeeping by seller.
Each seller of a time-sharing plan shall maintain among its business records the following:

(a) A copy of each contract for the sale of a time-share period, which contract has not been canceled. If fee title is being conveyed, the seller is required to retain a copy of the contract only until a deed of conveyance is recorded in the office of the clerk of the county commission in the county wherein the plan is located; and

(b) A list of all salespersons of the seller and their last known addresses. The names and addresses of such salespersons whose employments terminate shall be retained for three years after termination of employment. If the seller has a contract with any entity not owned or controlled by the seller for the sale of the time-sharing plan, that entity shall be responsible for maintaining a record of current employees involved in the sale of the time-sharing plan and a record of any former employees involved in the sale of such plan within the previous three years.