§36-9-4. Definitions.
As used in this article:

(a) "Accommodations" means any apartment, condominium or cooperative unit, cabin, lodge, hotel or motel room or any other private or commercial structure which is situated on real property and designed for occupancy by one or more individuals;

(b) "Assessment" means the share of funds required for the payment of common expenses which is assessed from time to time against each purchaser by the managing entity;

(c) "Common expenses" means those expenses properly incurred for the maintenance, operation and repair of all accommodations or facilities, or both, constituting the time- sharing plan;

(d) "Contract" means any agreement conferring the rights and obligations of the time-sharing plan on the purchaser;

(e) "Developer" means the person creating a time-sharing plan;

(f) "Division" means the division of land sales and condominiums in the office of the state auditor;

(g) "Facilities" means any structure, service, improvement or real property, improved or unimproved, which is made available to the purchasers of a time-sharing plan;

(h) "Managing entity" means the person responsible for operating and maintaining the time-sharing plan;

(i) "Offer to sell,""offer for sale,""offered for sale" or "offer" means solicitation of purchasers, the taking of reservations or any other method whereby a purchaser is offered the opportunity to participate in a time- sharing plan;

(j) "Owners' association" means the association made up of all purchasers of a time-sharing plan who have purchased a fee simple interest in real property;

(k) "Purchaser" means any person who is buying or who has bought a time-share period in a time-sharing plan;

(l) "Seller" means any developer or any other person, or agent or employee thereof, who is offering time-share periods for sale to the public in the ordinary course of business, except a person who has acquired a time-share period for his own occupancy and later offers it for resale;

(m) "Time-share period" means that period of time when a purchaser of a time-sharing plan is entitled to the possession and use of the accommodations or facilities, or both, of a time- sharing plan;

(n) "Time-sharing plan" means any arrangement, plan, scheme or similar device, other than an exchange program, whether by membership, agreement, tenancy in common, sale, lease, deed, rental agreement, license or right-to-use agreement or by any other means, whereby a purchaser, in exchange for a consideration receives a right to use accommodations or facilities, or both, for a specific period of time less than a full year during any given year, but not necessarily for consecutive years, and which extends for a period of more than three years; and

(o) "Time-share unit" means an accommodation or facility of a time-sharing plan which is divided into time-share periods.