§36-2-10. Execution of decree by commissioner.
If such sale, lease, mining lease or other conveyance shall be decreed, the court shall appoint a special commissioner or special commissioners to make the same. The special commissioner or commissioners before making any such sale, lease, mining lease or other conveyance, shall in open court enter into bond, with approved security in such penalty as the court shall prescribe, conditioned for the faithful application of the proceeds of the sale, lease or mining lease, which may come into his or their hands, which bond shall be payable to the state, and the court may thereafter order a new or additional bond, with other security, to be given, if deemed necessary. Such sale, lease, mining lease or other conveyance may be decreed to be made upon such terms as the court shall direct, and at either public or private sale or leasing, and shall be subject to confirmation by the court and be reported for such confirmation. If any such sale be made on credit, a lien shall be retained on the property sold and such other security as the court may direct shall be taken to secure the deferred purchase money.