§36-2-3. Parties to such suit.
All persons in being who have any vested, contingent, or executory estate or interest, either at law or in equity, in such personal property, land, timber, oil, gas, coal, or other minerals to be sold, leased, or otherwise conveyed, shall be made parties even though any of such persons should be infant, insane, or convict, and if any such person shall be an infant, having a guardian, such guardian shall also be made a party, and if any such person shall be an insane person or convict as aforesaid, having a regularly appointed committee, such committee shall be made a party; and when a bill is filed by the guardian of such infant, or the committee of such insane person or convict, such infant or insane person or convict shall also be made defendant: Provided, however, That the joinder of any person having only a contingent or executory estate or interest may be dispensed with where the person not joined is virtually represented by any other party or parties to the suit; and where such virtual representation exists no order or decree or sale or lease made thereunder shall be deemed erroneous or void because of such nonjoinder.