§35-2-4. Trustees for educational or charitable institutions.
The authorities of any university, college, academy, high school, seminary, or other institution of learning, or the authorities of any orphan asylum, children's home, house of refuge, hospital, or home or asylum for the aged or incurables or the afflicted in mind or body, or other benevolent or charitable institution or association, to which, or for the use of which, any property, real or personal, is conveyed, dedicated, devised, transferred, given or bequeathed, may from time to time, and whenever occasion may arise, appoint in such manner as any such authorities may deem proper, a suitable number of persons as trustees for any such institution or association, and may remove such trustees or any of them, and fill all vacancies caused by death or otherwise. Where there are no such authorities to make the appointment, the trustees in office shall have the power of removal, to appoint new members, and to fill vacancies, and if there be no such authorities and no trustees in office, then, on application of any one or more persons interested therein, or of the prosecuting attorney, the circuit court of the county where the trust subject, or any part thereof is, in the case of a conveyance, dedication, gift or grant, or in which the will was probated in the case of a devise or bequest, shall appoint such trustees.