§33-30-8. Reinsurance agreements.

All companies authorized to write fire insurance in this state shall enter into a reinsurance agreement with the board in which each insurer agrees to cede to the board one hundred percent, up to seventy-five thousand dollars, of any subsidence insurance coverage issued and, in consideration of the ceding commission retained by the insurer, agree to absorb all expenses of the insurer necessary for sale of policies and any administration duties of the mine subsidence insurance program imposed upon it pursuant to the terms of the reinsurance agreement. The board is authorized to undertake adjustment of losses and administer the fund, or it may provide in a reinsurance agreement that the insurer do so. The board shall agree to reimburse the insurer from the fund for all amounts paid policyholders for claims resulting from mine subsidence and shall pay from the fund all costs of administration incurred by the board but an insurer is not required to pay any claim for any loss insured under this article except to the extent that the amount available in the mine subsidence insurance fund, as maintained pursuant to sections four and five of this article, is sufficient to reimburse the insurer for such claim under this section, and without moral obligation.