§33-25G-4. Provider participation.

     (a) Any willing physician or licensed behavioral health provider is entitled to participate in a provider sponsored network provided that he or she is willing to participate in the health care delivery approach designed by the provider sponsored network and such other applicable requirements of the Department of Health and Human Resources.

     (b) As a condition of provider participation, including participation by hospitals, a provider sponsored network may require that its care management protocols be observed, including provisions for designations of certain services that may be provided only by designated providers or classes of providers, requirements that providers be credentialed before they may provide certain services, and requirements that providers comply with utilization management programs and referral systems as established by the provider sponsored network. A provider sponsored network may not require a participating physician provider to sell or transfer ownership of his, her or its assets or practice operations to the provider sponsored network or any of its participating providers as a condition of participation or of being permitted access or use of the provider sponsored network's medical home resources and care management systems.

     (c) A participating provider shall have the right to participate in, and contract with, other networks or other managed care organizations to provide services to Medicaid beneficiaries.