§33-25E-2. Definitions.
For the purposes of this article:

(a) "Covered person" means an individual enrolled in a health benefit plan or an eligible dependent of that person.

(b) "Eye care provider" means an optometrist or ophthalmologist licensed by the state of West Virginia.

(c) "Eye care benefits" means coverage for the diagnosis, treatment and management of eye disease and injury.

(d) "Health benefit policy" means any individual or group plan, policy or contract providing medical, hospital or surgical coverage issued, delivered, issued for delivery or renewed in this state by an insurer, after the first day of January, two thousand one. It does not include credit accident and sickness, long-term care, medicare supplement, champus supplement, disability or limited benefits policies.

(e) "Insurer" means any health care corporation, health maintenance organization, accident and sickness insurer, nonprofit hospital service corporation, nonprofit medical service corporation or similar entity.

(f) "Vision care benefits" means benefits for the refraction of the eyes and other optical benefits.